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Substance use Disorders Guest Lecture

Cirrhosis of the liver liver cells engorged with fat

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Unformatted text preview:   5 drinks (4 for women) in short period ▫  43.5% past- month prevalence among college students •  Heavy use drinking ▫  5 drinks, 5 or more Imes in a 30 day period –༉  17.6% prevalence among college students •  Comorbidity is extremely common - 21.3% with AUD also have at least 1 psychological disorder Overview of Drugs of Abuse Acute (Short- term) Effects of substance •  Enters the bloodstream through small intesIne ▫  metabolized by the liver •  Effects vary by blood substance concentraIon (BAC) ▫  ConcentraIon varies by gender, height, weight, liver efficiency •  Affects brain areas associated with error monitoring and decision making. •  Biphasic effect ▫  IniIally sImulates – when BAC is rising ▫  Later sedates – when BAC is falling Acute (Short- term) Effects of substance •  Effect of ingesIng large amounts ▫  ▫  ▫  ▫  ▫  Impaired speech and vision Interference in complex thought processes Poor coordinaIon Loss of balance Depression and withdrawal •  Interacts with several neural systems ▫  ▫  ▫  ▫  SImulates GABAA receptors SImulates endogenous opioids Increases dopamine and serotonin Inhibits glutamate receptors Long Term Physiological Effects •  MalnutriIon ▫  Calories from substance lack nutrients ▫  substance interferes with digesIon and absorpIon of vitamins from food •  Deficiency of B- complex vitamins ▫  AmnesIc syndrome •  Cirrhosis of the liver ▫ ...
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