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SUbstance Use Lecture

End stage addicion results from cellular adaptaions

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Unformatted text preview: ch ▫  Unsteady gait ▫  Impaired judgment & concentraIon ▫  Irritability & combaIveness ▫  Accidental suffocaIon due to excessive relaxaIon of diaphragm muscles •  Alcohol magnifies depressant effects •  Tolerance & withdrawal ▫  Delirium, convulsions & other symptoms SImulants: Amphetamines •  Increase alertness and motor acIvity •  Reduce faIgue •  Amphetamines ▫  SyntheIc sImulants –༉  Benzedrine, Dexedrine, Methedrine ▫  Trigger release of and block reuptake of norepinephrine and dopamine ▫  Produce high levels of energy, sleeplessness ▫  Reduce appeIte, increase HR, constrict blood vessels in skin and mucous membranes ▫  High doses can lead to: –༉  Nervousness, agitaIon, irritability confusion, paranoia, hosIlity ▫  Tolerance can develop a`er only 6 days use (Comer et al., 2001) SImulants: Cocaine •  Obtained from coca leaves ▫  ▫  ▫  ▫  Reduces pain Produces euphoria Heightens sexual desire Increases self- confidence and indefaIgability •  Blocks reuptake of dopamine in mesolimbic areas of brain •  Overdose ▫  Chills, nausea, insomnia, paranoia, hallucinaIons; possibly h...
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