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Schizophrenia Chapter 13

Delusions 2 hallucina3ons 3 disorganized speech and

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Unformatted text preview: ore common in males (1.4/1 ra3o) •  males have a more severe form and peak of new cases between 20- 24 years old Figure 13.1: Age Distribution of Onset of Schizophrenia Clinical Picture Hallmark symptoms • 1. Delusions • 2. Hallucina3ons • 3. Disorganized speech and thought • Disorganized and catatonic behavior • Nega3ve symptoms *2 or more for at least one month At least 6 months dura3on of disturbance- impaired func3oning Delusions •  Erroneous belief •  Fixed and firmly held despite clear contradictory evidence •  Disturbance in the content of thought •  Occur in about 90% of those with disorder Delusions Delusions types Persecutory . The schizophrenic believes that he/she is being followed or is under surveillance, or that he/ she is being made fun of, tricked, or treated very unfairly by others. Delusions of reference •  This is when the person believes,...
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