Schizophrenia Chapter 13

Factors twin studies concordance rate among

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Unformatted text preview: iron is hot.” beelzebug blamestorming cashtra8on caterpallor cesaria8sm cholds circum Disorganized and Catatonic Behavior • Impairment of goal- directed ac3vity • Work, hygiene, rela3onships • Silliness or unusual behavior • Catatonia Disorganized and Catatonic Behavior Examples; Lack of bathing, dressing appropriately, confron3ng others without logical reason, wearing many layers of clothing on a warm day, having a very messy appearance or engaging in sexual behavior in public. video Positive Symptoms •  Excess or distor3on in Posi3ve normal symptoms behavior and of experience schizophre nia •  Hallucina3ons and delusions Negative Symptoms Nega3ve symptoms of schizophrenia •  Absence or deficit of normally present behaviors •  Flat affect, alogia, asocial, avoli3on Preponderance of nega3ve symptoms is not good for prognosis Disorganized symptoms Disorganized Bizarre behavior Disorganized speech Preponderance of nega3ve symptoms is not good for prognosis Other Psychotic Disorders Other psycho3c disorders •  Schizoaffec3ve disorder- both psycho3c symptoms and severe mood symptoms (depression or mania) •  Schizophreniform disorder- last a month but not 6...
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