Schizophrenia Chapter 13

They are going to the north why do girls always play

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Unformatted text preview: which are very clear, as well as vague or distorted. Visual hallucina3ons can be especially frightening, depending on the image. 3. Olfactory hallucina3ons involve the sense of smell. They oden involve an unpleasant smell, and some3mes the schizophrenic person believes (much to his/her embarrassment) that the odor is coming from his/her own body. 4. Tac8le hallucina3ons involve the sense of touch, and may, for example, involve the feeling that snakes or bugs are crawling on or inside the body. Also, the person may believe an invisible hand or fingers are touching him/ her. 5. Gustatory hallucina3ons involve the sense of taste. This may be experienced as a strange taste in something they are ea3ng or drinking. Disorganized Speech •  Failure to make sense •  Not acributed to lack of educa3on, intelligence etc. •  Despite conforming to seman3c and syntac3c rules of speech •  Loose associa3ons, incoherence, neologisms, oden concrete Disorganized speech "The traffic is rumbling along the main road. They are going to the north. Why do girls always play pantomime heroes."—given by Carl Schneider Proverb: “Strike while the...
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