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Schizophrenia Chapter 13

Thought inser8on withdrawal control or broadcas8ng

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Unformatted text preview: for example, that things wricen in a newspaper or stated in a newscast, passages found in a book, or the words in a song are about him/her. Grandiose delusions •  Grandiose delusions involve the belief that he/she has excep3onal power, talent or worth, or is someone famous Erotomanic delusions •  This type of delusion involves the belief that a par3cular person, usually a celebrity or someone especially important, is roman3cally or sexually involved with or in love with the person. Thought inser8on, withdrawal, control, or broadcas8ng •  These types of delusions (always considered bizarre in nature) occur when the person believes that someone, oden aliens, are pueng (inser3ng) thoughts into his/her mind, removing or controlling his/her thoughts, or broadcas3ng them so that others...
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