Schizophrenia Chapter 13

Voices which tell them what to do are referred to as

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Unformatted text preview: can hear them, usually against his/her will. Bizarre versus non- bizarre delusions •  An example of a bizarre delusion would be a person who believes aliens have removed his/ her brain and replaced it with an alien brain. A non- bizarre delusion would be something which could happen in reality, such as being under observa3on by the FBI. •  Hallucinations •  Sensory experience; any sensory modality •  Seems real but occurs in absence of any external perceptual s3mulus •  Auditory most common: Oden hear more than one voice and worse when they are alone Hallucina3ons 1.  Auditory hallucina8ons. Auditory hallucina3ons usually involve voice talking to or about the person; provides a running commentary on what person is doing. Voices which tell them what to do are referred to as “command hallucina3ons”. 2. Visual hallucina8ons. They may involve images...
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