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Schizophrenia Chapter 13

Ability to dampen down overac3vity in neural circuits

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Unformatted text preview: •  Delusional disorder- delusion but behave quite normally •  Brief psycho3c disorder- at least 1 day but not a month with return to premorbid func3oning Genetic Factors Twin studies Concordance rate among monozygo3c twins (48- 50%) vs. dizygo3c twins (10- 17%). 16% of offspring of parents with Schiz. vs. 0% of controls The influence of gene3cs Adop3on studies More bio rela3ves had schizophrenia like disorders than adop3ve rela3ves; 13% v. 1% Studies of molecular gene3cs COMT candidate gene involved in dopamine metabolism- located on chromosome 22 Not just 1 gene! What is transmiced? Genes à༎ Behavior Biological Mechanisms – Structural- Anatomical –  Neurotransmicer Systems Figure 13.6: Enlarged Brain Ventricles in Schizophrenic Twin Other Biological Factors Many brain areas are abnormal in schizophr...
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