Schizophrenia Chapter 13

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Unformatted text preview: enia •  Decreased brain volume (3% reduc3on) •  Enlarged ventricles •  Decrease in gray macer worsens over 3me •  Frontal lobe dysfunc3on- hypofrontality (decision making, acen3onal- cogni3ve deficits) •  A major dopamine pathway •  Abnormali3es in temporal lobe areas—involved in emo3on and memory, and processing auditory info •  Reduced volume of the thalamus- relay center for most sensory input •  White macer disrup3ons which affect how well the nerve fibers of the brain communicate—correlated with cogni3ve impairments Acen3on deficits Cells in hippocampus are very suscep3ble to damage from hypoxia during brain development Disrupted Cytoarchitecture Cytoarchitecture •  Overall organiza3on of cells in brain may be compromised •  Abnormali3es in distribu3on of cells •  Missing certain neurons that are inhibitory (lessened ability to dampen down overac3vity in neural circuits) Dopamine Hypothesis –  Drugs that increase dopamine (amphetamines; L- DOPA for Parkinsons disease) •  Result in schizophrenic like behavior (hallucina3ons, paranoia) –  Drugs that reduce dopamine (an3psycho3cs) •  Decrease schizophrenic like behavior –  Hypothesis; •  Dysregulated dopamine transmission may make us pay more acen3on to and give more significance to...
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