Lecture 6 mood disorders

There is underreporting of depression among men

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Unformatted text preview: Loss of loved one, relationship loss, serious health event Dependent life events also important- P- S skills Beck’s Cognitive Model of Depression Information processing biases -better recall of negative information and memories Schemas-e.g. I am unlovable Theories Other Causal Theories Reformulated helplessness theory - depends on negative attributions which tend to be global, internal, and stable Hopelessness theory Hopelessness expectancies- bad outcome certain Excessive rumination What do I feel and why do I feel this way… Ê༌ What is an explanation for sex differences in rates of depression? A.  Biological differences between men and woman B.  Men are more likely to self medicate with alcohol and drugs and therefore their depression is not recognized C.  Women are more likely to ruminate about their problem rather than distract themselves from depressive thoughts D.  There is underreporting of depression among men because it is less acceptable for men to admit suffering from symptoms of depression E.  All of the above Bipolar Disorders Bipolar disorders • Distinguished from unipolar disorders by presence of manic or hypomanic symptoms According to the DSM- IV- TR (2000) a Manic Episode ü༏  A period of abnormal elevated euphoric, expansive or irritable mood lasting for at least one week ü༏  Significant impairment or hospitalization ü༏  Individual must possess three or more of the following: (a) grandiose/ inflated self esteem, (b) decrease need for sleep, (c) talkativeness/ pressured speech, (d) flight of ideas, (e) distractibility, (f) increased goal- directed activity (g) overindulgence in enjoyable/reckless behaviors with high risk of negative outcome ü༏  Hypomanic are more mild- 4 days Bipolar Disorders (I and II) Bipolar I disorder •  Depressive episode •  Includes at least one manic or mixed episode Bipolar II disorder •  Depressive episode •  Includes hypomanic episodes but not full- blo...
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