Lecture 6 mood disorders

Effects lethargy weight gain cognitive slowing

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Unformatted text preview: wn manic or mixed episodes Types of Delusions Ê༌  I was spitting on a light bulb, thinking if I watched the saliva burn, the different colors and shapes, I could find the key to cure cancer Ê༌  I am the cousin of Tony Blair and I can fly. Ê༌  I am God: I created the universe and I am son of Prince Phillip. I am also a famous DJ. Ê༌  I am Freddy Mercury from Queen. Ê༌  I have special luck and have won the lottery four times and they owe me 120 million. Ê༌  I developed the Star Wars missile system and spoke to Ronald Reagan about it. video Cyclothymic Disorder Cyclical mood swings •  No full blown depressive or manic episodes •  Less severe than those of bipolar disorder •  Symptoms present for at least 2 years •  Lacking severe symptoms and psychotic features of bipolar disorder Bipolar Disorders (I and II) Biological Causal Factors Heredity .80- .90 variance accounted for by heritability High- Norepinephrine, low- serotonin, and high- dopamine •  Related to hyperactivity, grandiosity and euphoria Cortisol Levels elevated but not in manic phase Disturbances in circadian rhythms related to disrupted sleep cycles Psychological contributions Psychological Contributory Factors Stressful life events Low social support Pessimistic attributional style Pharmacotherapy Side effects =insomnia, GI problems, physical agitation, less interest in sexual activity Side effects =lethargy,, weight gain, cognitive slowing, decreased motor activity, thyroid problems Antidepressants, mood- stabilizing, antipsychotic drugs used to treat mood disorders ...
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