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Unformatted text preview: lab fee of $80 is required for the course and covers the cost of digital printing for the semester. Please give a check to photo technician Shirin Adhami during the first week of class. Students will not be authorized to use the printers until the lab fee has been paid. The digital printing lab in the back room of the printmaking studio is designated exclusively for use by our class. Students in Pixel/Paint/Print may only use the 310 Digital Lab; students in Photo II may only use the 312 Digital Lab. We have a small supply of printer paper and transparency film dedicated to classroom use. Once it has been used up, students are responsible for purchasing digital printing paper and/or transparency film as needed. Studio Hours You can work in the main printmaking studio outside of class hours at any time that the List Art Building is open. The Digital Printing Lab 310 is open during class hours and when a lab...
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