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VISA1210SYLLABUS - Pixel/Paint/Print VISA1210K...

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Brown University – Page 1 of 4 Pixel/Paint/Print VISA1210K Brown University, Spring 2013 Visual Art Department M/W 9‐11:50AM List Art Building, Room 310 and 5 th floor MML Professor: Leigh Tarentino [email protected] Office Location: List 517 Office Hours: Tues 10‐12 and by appointment RISD TA: Paloma Barhaugh‐Bordas COURSE DESCRIPTION This studio art course investigates possibilities for using the computer along with painting and printmaking to produce artwork combining analog and digital media. Students will explore how computing has changed the creation, content, form, distribution, and exhibition of artwork through a series of assignments, readings, discussions, and slide lectures. The course will focus on how computers and digital imaging can intersect with a traditional studio practice. An emphasis will be placed on using the skills and techniques introduced in the course as tools for creativity and self‐expression. Students will use Photoshop and digital printing along with painting, drawing, and screen‐printing as tools for producing works on paper. There will be regular group critiques of in‐progress and finished work along with weekly individual meetings with the instructor. The class will visit the RISD Print Collection to view first‐hand examples of serigraphs, mixed‐media, and digital works on paper. LEARNING OBJECTIVES To produce a portfolio of works on paper in digital imaging and mixed‐media reflecting technical competence, creativity, formal innovation and an individual artistic vision. To gain knowledge of an overview of digital imaging and its position within the context of contemporary art practice. To develop critical analysis skills and aesthetic judgment of mixed‐media digital and analog work. To gain basic technical competence in Photoshop, digital printing, and serigraphy. RECOMMENDED TEXTS A textbook is not required for this course. Individual and group readings and web links will be distributed by the instructor throughout the semester. COURSE POLICIES Assignments This course requires a significant time commitment beyond class hours. You should plan to spend approximately 8‐10 hours or more per week working outside of class time. It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand the work assigned and when it is due. Assignments will be critiqued on the
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