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9 measure the inner and outer diameters of the

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Unformatted text preview: ased, the beam will form a complete circle within the envelope. The diameter of the beam can be measured using the internal centimeter scale inside the tube. The scale numbers fluoresce when struck by the electron beam. 6. For an accelerating voltage of 200V, measure the beam diameter for 4 coil current settings. Record these data in your Data Sheet. 7. Repeat Step 6 for two additional accelerating voltages. You can increase the voltage in two steps of 100 ­125V each. The accelerating voltage must stay below 500 V. 8. Once you finish collecting the data, turn down the current and voltage controls and switch off the power to the apparatus. 9. Measure the inner and outer diameters of the Helmholtz coils at several places. Determine the average radius of the coils, since the coils may not be uniformly round and may also differ slightly in their other physical dimensions such as the coil thickness. These variations in the physical dimensions may be used later to determine whether it has a significant effect on the accuracy of your results. LAB ­03 Motion of Charges in E and B Fields Name:_______________________ Sec./Group__________ Date:_____________ 4. Pre ­Lab Consider an electron being ejected from the surface of a heated filament at nearly zero speed. [a] Through what potential difference must it be accelerated to achieve a speed of 8.4x106m/s? Any relativistic effects can be neglected. [b] What is the minimum B ­field required to cause the electron in part [a] above to move in a circular orbit of radius r = 5.0 cm? LAB ­03 Motion of Charges in E and B Fields Name:_______________________...
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