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nytimes91288 - Like the old saying goes"The more things...

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Like the old saying goes “The more things change, the more they stay the same”. In 2007, an ominous and somewhat controversial tone can be found in the air. A new President is about to be elected, ushering out one of the more un-popular leaders in American history George Bush Jr. The controversy in Iraq stands almost 5 years old and with the death toll of our soldiers mounting, public frustration grows along with it. High gas prices and somewhat of a turbulent economy have society on edge, which only serves to increase the volatile feelings. Rewind a little more then 19 years ago, and the picture of society looks quite similar to that of our current day. The completion of emergency radio networks and the resignation of a top White House official amid allegations of anti-semetism were popular topics of the time. Certainly, these topics weren’t anything to take lightly. In fact, these, as well as other hostile events of the time helped to shape the future as we would come to know it.
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