Action plans that are unrealistic eg not supported by

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Unformatted text preview: ot considering organizational reality when specifying action plan, e.g., the plan clearly goes against organizational culture, organization cannot afford it, etc. Action plans that are unrealistic, e.g., not supported by the financials, time frame too ambitious to be successful, etc. Not including the results of financial findings as the foundation of your implementation plan Implementation sections that are far too brief—rarely, if ever, will an ‘A’ paper have an implementation plan less than 1 page long Focusing too much on tactical or operational issues vs. strategic issues, e.g., detailing how a flier is going to look and how much it will cost to print… Financial Analysis Appendix Not integrating the results of your financial analysis into other sections of your paper Financial analyses that tell, but do not analyze, e.g., “the quick ratio decreased from 1.3 in 1997 to .9 in 1999” — why? what does it mean? Explaining by definition, e.g., “the current ratio declined from 1.3 in 1997 to 1.1 in 1999. This indicates that the company has less assets to cover liabilities.” Why does the company have less assets, or possibly why does it have more liabilities? Using vague statements when hard data is available, e.g., “the company’s net income has increased significantly over the past 5 years” versus “the company’s net income increased by 50%, from $100 to $150 between 1994 and 1999” Not putting the financial analysis on a separate page General Issues Margins other than 1” Excessive grammar or spelling problems Not using, or incorrectly using, headings and subheadings ______________________________________________________________________ GEB Guide to Conducting Case Analyses—Spring Page of Lack of page numbers Charts in graphs that are not in the correct format, e.g., using bar charts when line charts are more appropriate Putting an item into an appendix and not referring to it in the case Incorrect use of the APA citation method Fonts other than the standard Times or Times New Roman, especially hard to read fonts such as headline fonts (e.g. Arial or Comic Sans) Submitting multiple documents for an analysis instead of integrating all work into one do...
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