However this high ratio compared to its industry

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Unformatted text preview: agement has chosen to take advantage of the relatively low interest rates in the debt market. However, this high ratio, compared to its industry, combined with the recent rise in interest rates, indicates that the company cannot use much more debt financing to pursue future growth plans.” Information derived in this appendix should serve as the basis of much of your thinking/insight in the body of the case, especially in the recommendation and implementation/action plan sections. Any recommendation and/or implementation/action plan that is inconsistent with, or fails to take into account the financial aspects of the case, is severely limited, and will likewise be reflected within your grade. Readings on Case Analyses Your Harvard Course Packet contains an excellent reading on the case method, The Use of Cases in Management Education (#376240). It provides a good overview of the case method, and preparing for cases, but especially good discussing what constitutes a good problem statement Two other articles not found in the packet are available directly for downloadable purchase from Harvard Business School Press (www.hbsp.harvard.edu). How to Avoid Getting Lost in the Numbers (#) is an excellent primer for those who feel uncomfortable with running the numbers in cases. Action Planning and Implementation: A Manager’s Checklist (#) is an essential article for the whole case process, but particularly strong in listing implementation issues/concerns Some Additional Thoughts and Comments 1) For the Harvard cases you do not do any outside research. For the team case, you will need to do outside research. 2) Harvard cases must be limited to the time period in which the case occurs. Many people want to employ - solutions to cases that take place in the early s. For example, suggesting that the company establish an Intranet with desktop videoconferencing is impractical for a case occurring in since the technology, even in the year is still relatively new and untested. In general, Harvard cases contain all the information needed to co...
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