Do not count any case analysis longer than 4 pages

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Unformatted text preview: arts, etc. do not count). Any case analysis longer than 4 pages will not be read or graded beyond the 4th page. You should structure your analysis in the following manner: 1) A cover page with your name, the case name, the date, the course name and number 2) A 4-page maximum analysis that discusses the key strategic issue, alternatives, recommendation, and implementation/action plan 3) A 1-page financial analysis (in an appendix) whose results are included in the analysis where necessary (but almost always in the recommendation and implementation/action plan sections). 4) All work must be submitted as one integrated document ready to be opened and printed. Work submitted in multiple pieces will not be accepted and will be treated as late work per the syllabus guidelines. Structural Elements in Depth I’ll skip discussing the title page, which is fairly self-explanatory, to cover the body of the paper in depth. As an outline, your analysis should contain the following: 1) A Key Strategic Issue/Problem Identification section (typically ½-¾ page) a) A brief background of key relevant information/facts pertinent to the case (usually no more than 3-4 sentences). Remember, the goal is not to summarize the Harvard case— we all have the case available to us. b) 1-2 sentences succinctly describing the one primary key issue/problem facing the organization. The statement should be direct and actionable, e.g., the problem must be stated in some way that the organization can take action to solve the problem. It should also be strategically focused, not tactically or operationally focused. One (of many ways) to determine whether an issue is strategic is to ask yourself “what happens to the organization within the next 3-5 years if the issue is not addressed?” If your answer is “not much” then it is probably not a strategic issue. c) 3-5 sentences describing the best case, likely case, and worst case scenarios if the strategic issue/problem is not addressed (i.e., no action is taken):...
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