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Unformatted text preview: his mean in a physical sense? What does a negative Poisson’s ratio indicate? Find an example on the web about a material of this kind. Include the citation for the website. 2) (30 points) An explosion occurs 10 km beneath the ground surface, and the resulting seismic energy travels down through the Earth and reaches an interface between two rock layers at angle of incidence i = 30 degrees. Upper Layer 1: density = 2.7, Bulk modulus K = 40, shear modulus or rigidity = 20 Lower Layer 2: density = 2.8, Bulk modulus K = 92, shear modulus or rigidity = 34 A) What are the P and S wave velocities in the upper and lower layers? (10 points) B) For a P-wave incident at 30...
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