Internal bedforms indicate dierent facies within

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Unformatted text preview: we looking for? •  Seismic sequences that define geologic boundaries Interpreta/on: What are we looking for? •  Trunca/ons, onlapping, stratal rela/onships •  Termina/ons due to faults Interpreta/on: What are we looking for? •  Internal bedforms indicate different facies within sequences Interpreta/on •  For example: –  Chao/c vs. Stra/fied Interpreta/on: What are some limita/ons? •  Three major limita/ons: –  Resolu'on (ver'cal and horizontal) –  Acquisi/on effects –  Processing effects V = 3000 m/s f = 30 Hz λ = 100 m λ / 4 = 25 m Vertical resolution: λ/4 (1/4 the wavelength) This defines the thinnest intervals detectable in seismic data. V = 3500 m/s To determine this: 1) Estimate an average velocity 2) Determine the frequency of events...
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