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Victorian Author Survey Name, birthdate, and death dateMary Ann Evans (pen name: George Eliot) (22 November 1819 - 22 December 1880) Significant life events (particularly any affecting their works)- attends boarding school, girls only - her mother dies from illness so she returns home to study and care for her father - she quits going to church after becoming close friends with a progressive couple - her father dies from illness - “marries” Lewes (unofficially, so she is disowned by remaining family) List of major works- Middlemarch
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Unformatted text preview:- The Mill on the Floss- Silas Marner- Daniel Deronda- Romola- Adam BedeSummary of one of the most significant works "Middlemarch" is a novel about a fictional English Midland town in the early 1800s following the lives of many characters with intersecting stories.Victorian elements demonstrated in one significant work Victorian Elements in Middlemarch: "Middlemarch" includes popular Victorian era themes such as womens rights, marriage, idealism, religion, self-interest, education, and political reform.