Where phase can be any number between phase 0 and 2

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Unformatted text preview: number between Phase 0 and 2π – vibration can start and anywhere anywhere Four extreme phases – 0: start moving positively from the 0: equilibrium position equilibrium – π/2: start moving from the max positive /2: displacement position displacement – π : start moving negatively from the equilibrium position equilibrium – 3π/2: start moving from the max /2: negative displacement position negative 1 Sinusoidal Sound Sinusoidal Three parameters: – Maximum displacement / amplitude (A) – Frequency (f) – Phase (Φ) d = A*sin(2π*f*t + Φ) *f*t Sinusoidal Sound - Example 1 Example Given a sinusoidal sound with A = 100 nm, f = Given 1000 Hz, and Φ = π/2, what is the physical formula /2, for this sound? for – d = A*sin(2π*f*t + Φ) = 100*sin(2π*1000*t + π/2) *f*t 100* *1000*t /2) Sinusoidal w aves 150 100 A m p lit u d...
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