Ear inclined from superiorlateral to inclined

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Unformatted text preview: ear Inclined from superiorlateral to Inclined inferiomedial. Acoustic Function (I) Acoustic Sound pressure gain: Sound measure changes between sound source and TM source Azimuth at horizontal plane Acoustic Functions (II) Acoustic Sound pressure gain – Effect of the pinna excluding concha: minimum. – Effect of the ear canal: resonates at 3000 Hz. – Effect of TM: high impedance at low frequency Effect and low impedance in the 1000 – 4000 Hz range range Acoustic Function (III) Acoustic Transfer functions for different parts of out ears Acoustic Function (IV) Acoustic Sound localization Sound – Cues for sound localization iintensity and phase (time) difference. ntensity Any problem for these two cues? Any – One main function for pinna Non-Auditory functions Non-Auditory Protect TM and trap insects and dirt – Fine hairs lined with the epithelium of the outer Fine ear canal. ear – Cerumen (ear wax): secreted by the ceruminous Cerumen glands. glands. Summery of Outer Ear Summery Anatomy – Pinna – The external ear canal Physiology – Sound pressure gain Sound – Sound localization...
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