3 63 db il 10 sound level of multiple sounds example

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Unformatted text preview: 10*log10(2 x 106) = 10*6.3 = 63 dB IL 10 Sound level of multiple sounds Example Example Thus, when two sounds with the same Thus, intensity are played simultaneously, the totally level is up by 3 dB! Not simply add up their dB IL. their What if two sounds are played at 80 dB SPL What simultaneously, how much is the total dB SPL? SPL? – The same steps, however, get add the Ix NOT px Summary Summary Acoustic power and intensity – Definition dB IL and dB SPL for a single sound – Formula to compute dB IL and dB SPL (Ir and pr need to be memorized). be – How to computer Ix if dB IL or dB SPL is known. dB IL for multiple sounds – ALWAYS add Ix first...
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