Shabbir 11082013 q7 these are slightly more

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Unformatted text preview: ragment #1 Br Br 2 / CCl4 Br 2 NaNH 2 NaNH 2 H Br Fragment #2 Br Br Racemic Mixture OH 1)OsO 4 2)NaHSO3/H 2O H2/Lindlars Catalyst (Z) OH OH OH Racemic Mixture 7 HW ­5 Dr. Shabbir 11/08/2013 Q7 ­ These, are slightly more challenging synthesis questions.. You need to show how the starting material can be converted in the product shown. You may use as many reactions as you need to make the desired product. Show all the reagents. Show all the molecules that you synthesize along the way pay close attention to regiochemistry and stereochemistry. If you make a racemic mixture show all products and make sure you label RACEMIC. You can only move forward in the synthesis with the MAJOR product. All carbon atom should come from the starting material O ??? H Br 2 CCl4 HBr Br Br 1)(sia) 2BH 2)H2O2 /NaOH 3 moles NaNH 2 Br + 8...
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