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11 molecular orbital theory states that electrons in

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Unformatted text preview: gle 180° between the orbital is ________________________. 6 ­ If a nitrogen atom has four bond and no lone pairs, the nitrogen atom will have a +1 formal charge of _______________________ n 7 ­ n number of atomic orbital will give rise to ________ ____number of molecular orbital. lower 8 ­ Oxygen p orbital is ________________ ________in energy as compared to the p orbital of a electronegative carbon atom because oxygen is more ___________________________atom as compared to carbon atom. 9 ­ Third ­periodic elements like sulfur and phosphorus often have more bonds than Octet are allowed by the ___________________________rule. 10 ­ Resonance contributing structure do not represent equilibrating structures rather molecular a number of contributing structure to represent a true ____________________structure. 11 ­ Molecular orbital theory states that electrons in molecules occupy molecular orbitals that extend over the entire molecule...
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