3 1 4 an sp2 hybridized carbon has number

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Unformatted text preview: H O 4 Homework ­1 Shabbir OChem I Due 09/09/13 Q3 ­ Fill in the blanks? 3 1 1 ­ Neutral nitrogen atom has __________________bonds and _____________________ lone pairs. 3 1 2 ­ Negatively charged oxygen has _______________bonds and ___________________lone pairs. anion 3 ­ In ionic bonds an atom that gains electrons becomes an __________________________and cation an atom that loses electron become a __________________________. 3 1 4 ­ An sp2 hybridized carbon has _________________number of σ bonds and_________________ number of pi bonds 2 5 ­ An sp hybridized orbitals has ____________________number of σ bonds and the an...
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