Draw the second and the thrid contributing structure

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Unformatted text preview: Due 09/09/13 Question 7 –cont… sp2 sp2 H H H C C C H H C H H C H H C H H sp2 H C H C sp sp2 O H O H H H C C sp2 H O H C C H N sp2 sp Q8 ­ Describe each bond indicated with an arrow as the overlap of orbitals. For example an answere might be σCsp3 ­Csp3 (2pt each) σCsp3 ­Csp πC2p ­C2p σCsp3 ­H1s H H C C C H H σCsp ­Csp πC2p ­C2p 9 Homework ­1 Shabbir OChem I Due 09/09/13 Q9 Draw the contributing struture of each molecule in the space provided. For...
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