For example an answere might be csp3csp3 2pt each

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Unformatted text preview: ion of the dipole moment of the molecule with the sign on the left side of the molecule? H N C C H H H C H H Br H Cl Over all bond dipole = 0 O C H H C H H H C Cl H Cl H C Cl 7 Homework ­1 Shabbir OChem I Due 09/09/13 Q7 ­For the following molecules write the hybridization state of all the C, N and O atom in each molecules. Remember resonance effects hybridization? sp2 sp2 H sp3 H O H H H H H H C C C C HC C O H HC C H H H H H sp2 sp2 2 sp H H H H H H H C C N C H H HC C HC C H H 2 H H O O sp sp2 sp3 H H H sp2 H H H C C C O H C C C H H N H C C C O H H C H H H sp2 sp2 8 Homework ­1 Shabbir OChem I...
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