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Unformatted text preview: functional group and formal charges, draw Lewis structures, showing all the valence electrons for these molecules? a) H2O2 b) CH3NH2 H H O H O c) NH2 N C H H H H d) CH3CH2COOH H2 C H 3C OH C N H H e) CH3N(CH3)2 O f) CH3CH2COH H2 C H 3C N CH 3 CH 3 H 3C H C O 6 Homework ­1 Shabbir OChem I Due 09/09/13 Q5 ­Add lone pair of electrons where necessary to complete the valence shell of atom in these molecules. Then assign formal charges as appropriate? HO HOH H H O HCCOH HCCCH H H H H H C C H H H H H H C N C H H H H H C H H H H H O C C N H H H OR H H C H H C C H H Q6 ­ For each bond that is polar specify the direction of the bond dipole moment with H a sign . Additionally indicate the overall direct...
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