East Scotia Ridge unsecured

4b water contents of selected east scotia ridge

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Unformatted text preview: ample E3 96DS-1 Rock description tube lava with glassy rim (up to 1 cm thick), slightly vesicular, few olivine and feldspar phenocrysts 96DS-2 96DS-3 lava fragment with glassy rim (up to 1 cm thick), few small vesicles, few feldspar phenocrysts small piece of lava with ropy surface, glassy rim with devitrification, oxidation on the ropy surface, few feldspar phenocrysts 96DS-4 small piece of lava, glassy rim (0·5 cm), devitrification, slightly vesicular, few feldspar phenocrysts 97DS-1 97DS-2 glass-rimmed piece, aphyric with rare patches of feldspar phenocrysts small basaltic pillow, glass rimmed (0·5 cm), feldspar phenocrysts up to 6 mm, fractured interior, devitrified glass, alteration beneath glass 97DS-3 glassy fragment, rare feldspar microphenocrysts, initial stage of devitrification 97DS-4 glassy fragment, 10% devitrification on base 97DS-5 small pillow with glassy rim (0·2 cm), 15–20% devitrification, strongly feldspar phyric (up to 0·5 cm) 98DS-1 large piece of a pillow, glassy rim up to 0·5 cm, slightly vesicular, some vesicles glasscoated, some feldspar phenocrysts E4 pillow fragment with thin glass crust, vesicles (up to 1 cm), aphyric inner part of a pillow, large vesicles (up to 2 cm), aphyric 99DS-3 pillow, vesicle-rich, some tube-formed (up to 2 cm), glassy rim (up to 1 cm thick), aphyric 99DS-4 glassy piece of sheet flow, aphyric 100DS-1 E5 99DS-1 99DS-2 pillow fragment with glass crust, slightly vesicular (mm size) 102DS-1 small fragment with glassy rim with pervasive devitrification, feldspar microphenocrysts in less glassy material 104DS-1 large basaltic block with 0·8 cm thick glass rim (aphyric), interior is strongly feldsparphyric (15%) 104DS-3 E6 106DS-1 lava tube fragment with glassy rim (0·8 cm), glass and interior contain feldspar phenocrysts pillow fragment with glassy rim (up to 1 cm thick), Fe hydroxide alteration on fracture planes 106DS-2 piece of pillow with thin glass rim, fresh dark grey colour, feldspar phenocrysts 106DS-3 thick glassy piece, slightly altered with brownish grey colour 106DS-4 piece of pillow with glassy rim (up to 0·5 cm) alterated fracture planes with Fe hydroxides, inner parts of rock free of alteration, some feldspar phenocrysts 107DS-1 pillow fragment with glassy rim (up to 1 cm thick), aphyric, slightly vesicular, rare feldspar phenocrysts 107DS-3 glass-rimmed (up to 1 cm) lava fragment, slightly vesicular, aphyric 108DS-1 E7 glass-rimed (up to 0·5 cm thick) lava piece, slightly vesicular, aphyric 107DS-4 small fragment of weakly devitrified, aphyric glass 109DS-1 piece of lava tube, glassy rim (0·3 cm), aphyric 109DS-2 glass-rimmed (up to 0·5 cm) weakly vesicular flow fragment 109DS-3 glassy crust, aphyric with small vesicles 109DS-4 lava tube fragment with glassy rim (0·3 cm), aphyric 109DS-5 see 109DS-4 109DS-6 see 109DS-4 109DS-7 flow fragment slightly glassy and vesicular, Fe hydroxide staining 110DS-1 pillow lava lobe with glassy rim (0·6 cm), slightly vesicular interior, weakly feldspar phyric 110DS-2 pil...
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