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Unformatted text preview: 54, 109–125. Class, C., Miller, D. M., Goldstein, S. L. & Langmuir, C. H. (2000). Distinguishing melt and fluid subduction components in Umnak volcanics, Aleutian Arc. G3 1, 1999GC000010. Cohen, R. S. & O’Nions, R. K. (1982a). Identification of recycled continental material in the mantle from Sr, Nd and Pb isotope investigations. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 61, 73–84. Cohen, R. S. & O’Nions, R. K. (1982b). The lead, neodymium and strontium isotopic structure of oceanic ridge basalts. Journal of Petrology 23, 299–324. Cox, K. G., Bell, J. D. & Pankhurst, R. J. (1979). The Interpretation of Igneous Rocks. London: George Allen & Unwin, 445 pp. Dickey, J. S., Frey, A. F., Hart, S. R. & Watson, E. B. (1977). Geochemistry and petrology of the dredged basalts from the Bouvet triple junction, South Atlantic. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 41, 1105–1118. Dixon, J. E., Stolper, E. & Delaney, J. R. (1988). Infrared spectroscopic measurements of CO2 and H2O in Juan de Fuca Ridge basaltic glasses. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 90, 87–104. Douglass, J., Schilling, J.-G. & Fontignie, D. (1999). Plume–ridge interaction of the Discovery and Shona mantle plume with the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge (40°–55°S). Journal of Geophysical Research 104, 2941–2962. Eggler, D. H. & Burnham, C. W. (1973). Crystallization and fractionation trends in the system andesite–H2O–CO2–O2 at pressures to 10 kb. Geological Society of American Bulletin 84, 2517–2532. Eiler, J. M., Crawford, A., Elliot, T., Farley, K. A., Valley, J. W. & Stolper, E. M. (2000). Oxygen isotope geochemistry of oceanic-arc lavas. Journal of Petrology 41, 229–256. Ellam, R. M. & Hawkesworth, C. J. (1988). Elemental and isotopic variations in subduction related basalts: evidence for a three component model. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 98, 72–80. Elliott, T., Plank, T., Zindler, A., White, W. & Bourdon, B. (1997). Element transport from slab to volcanic front at the Mariana arc. Journal of Geophysical Research 102, 14991–15019. Fryer, P., Taylor, B., Langmuir, C. H. & Hochstaedter, A. G. (1990). Petrology and geochemistry of lavas from the Sumisu and Torishima backarc rifts. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 100, 161–178. 1465 JOURNAL OF PETROLOGY VOLUME 43 Gaetani, G. A. & Grove, T. L. (1998) The influence of water on melting of mantle peridotite. Contributions to Minerology and Petrology 131, 323–346. Garbe-Schonberg, C.-D. (1993). Simultaneous determination of thirty¨ seven trace elements in twenty-eight international rock standards by ICP-MS. Geostandards Newsletter 17, 81–97. Geist, D. J., McBirney, A. R. & Baker, B. H. (1985). GPP, a program package for creating and using geochemical data files. Eugene: University of Oregon. Govindaraju, K. (1994). Compilation of working values and sampledescription for 383 geostandards. Geostandards Newsletters 13, 1–158. Gribble, R. F., Stern...
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