The carmine cochineal feeds on certain cactus species

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Unformatted text preview: flavors Destruction of nutrients Iron and copper increase oxidation by acting as catalysts Free radicals, peroxides, reactive oxygen species Constituents of Foods Oxidants and Antioxidants The Good Guys Important food additives Reduce/Inhibit damage from oxygen Inhibit enzymes Improve color and flavor of many foods Many of the natural colors are also antioxidants BHA, BHT, sulfites, Vitamins A, E, C Many, many others Flavor Flavor = Taste + Aroma 4 tastes : sweet, sour, bitter, salty A 5th taste? .....…umami (taste “sensation”) Not all scientists are convinced that umami is a unique taste Some say the sensation caused by umami is simply a taste enhancer Numerous odors (volatile, aroma-active compounds) What Do you Taste and Where? Taste Areas on the Human Tongue Flavor Flavor is difficult to measure Usually use humans as "instruments" Taste panels Many things influence perception Light, temperature, presentation, ambiance, accompanying foods, drink, song, dance… get the point. Gas and Liquid chromatography Instruments that measure compounds responsible for taste or aroma….then compared to human “instruments Taste Taste panels Effective testing-deals with objective facts Descriptive testing- evaluate products by rating the intensity of various characteristics on a scale Affective testing- subjective facts, preference Taste Tests Types of taste tests: Triangle test - for detecting differences 3 samples given: 2 are the same, one different Duo-trio test – for detecting differences 3 samples first is control followed by two others ,one will be the same as the control determine difference. Paired comparison - only 2 samples given Panelists must determine if the samples are different Rank – place samples in order of preference Numerical rating: best to worst Taste Panels Must control conditions carefully Train the panelists (teach them characteristic tastes and aromas of a product) Proper environment (light...
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