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Unformatted text preview: in Meat Quality Factors for Meats Hemoglobin and myoglobin oxidize with time Anthocyanins in Fruits and Flowers Anthocyanin Chemistry OH OH + HO O O OH HO OH O OH OH + HO O A OH B C OH OH OH Carotenoids Alpha-Carotene Beta-Carotene Red, yellow, orange pigments Important for ocular health Many are pro-vitamin A Mango Carotenoids Which would you rather eat? Carrot Colors Photo compliments of USDA Agricultural Research Service, where researchers have selectively bred carrots with pigments that reflect almost all colors of the rainbow. More importantly, though, they're very good for your health. Photo by Stephen Source: Ausmus. USDA-ARS Structure of Chlorophyll Green pigment in stems and leaves of plants Bright green in nature In the presence of heat or acid, chlorophyll is degraded to pheophytin Dull green colors of canned vegetables is indicative of Food Color ­ Synthetic or Certified Widely used, some controversy with consumers Each batch certified by FDA 9 synthetic colors are actually certified The FDA has approved 9 synthetic dyes for use in foods and 7 are used in food manufacturing: blue #1, blue #2, green #3, red #3, red #40, yellow #5 and yellow #6. Another class of certified colors: FD&C lakes. Lakes are aluminum or calcium salts of each certified color Lakes of all of the FD&C dyes except Red #3 are legal Natural, Non­Certified, or Exempt Colors Consist of ~26 colorants made up of pigments or other substances capable of coloring a food that are obtained from various plant, animal or mineral sources Must be proven safe and meet FDA approval Caramel (brown) Annatto extract (red/yellow) Beet powder (red) ß-carotene (yellow) Cochineal extract (red; carmine) Grape skins (red/purple) Ferrous gluconate (black) FYI Carminic acid is derived from the shells of an insect and produces a magenta red color (cochineal extract). The Carmine Cochineal feeds on certain cactus species in central and south America. Yummy Bug Juice Constituents of Foods Oxidants and Antioxidants The Bad Guys Oxygen is a strong oxidant Oxidation of foods is usually bad Destruction of flavor and color Off-...
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