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5 m long piece of rope at a constant height from

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Unformatted text preview: .5 m long piece of rope at a constant height from ground. The tension in the rope is equal to 10N. a) Calculate the speed at which the plane is spinning around. (3) T b) Calculate the period of rotation of the plane. (3) =1.7207 s 3) A rubber ball (mass 140 g) falls from a height of 2.2 meters and bounces from a hard surface. The impulse from the ground has magnitude 1.5 N.s. a) Use conservation of energy to calculate the speed at which the ball hits the ground. (3) a va= 0 m/s + 0 0 2.2m = 6.5666 m/s vb=? b b) Calculate the maximum height the ball rises to after it bounces. (4) a va= 0 m/s vc up d +ve 2.2m = 4.1408 m/s For Maximum Height b c vb down -ve...
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