552of the act 5 baseduponthe agreement ontainedn

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Unformatted text preview: 00,pursuantto Sections901.551and 901.552of the Act. 5. Baseduponthe agreement ontainedn Finding of Fact4, this AgreedConsent rder,upon c i O final Board adoption, compromises and resolves this Board enforcement action, notwithstandingthe currently indeterminatefinal outcomeof the criminal case;and the Board's adoption of this Agreed Consent Order shall be a final order which fully, finally, and entirely resolvesall mattersdescribedn the Notice of Hearingand Complaintfiled in this i matter. IV. ORDER 1. Andersen'sfirm licenseto practicepublic accountancy ithin the Stateof Texasshall be w revoked upon final adoption of this Agreed Consent Order by the Texas StateBoard of Public Accountancy, which shall be no soonerthan August 16, 2002. 2. Andersen shall pay the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy the maximum , administrative enaltyallowedby Section901.552of the Act in the amountof$l,OOO. uch p S paymentwill be madeby checkpayableto the TexasStateBoard of Public Accountancy immediatelyupon adoptionof this AgreedConsentOrder. 3, All audit workpapers ndotherdocumentsn thepossession f Andersen elatedto services a i o r providedto Enron Corporationand any and all entitiesrelatedto Enron Corporationshall -3- continue to be securelymaintainedby Andersenfor a period of 7 yearsfrom the date of adoptionof this AgreedConsentOrder. However, shouldAndersenbe requiredby court order or other legal authority, or otherwiseproposeto place workpapersor other Enronrelated documentsn custodyor control of a third party, or to otherwisecease ocument i d retention,Andersenwill providewritten notice to the Board at leastthirty daysprior, or as soonaspracticalif prior noticeto Andersens lessthanthirty days,of intent to turn custody i over to a third party, or otherw...
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