9 nothing herein shall be construedto require

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Unformatted text preview: employee of Andersen. 9. Nothing herein shall be construedto require Andersento undertakeany action that is inconsistent with or will interfere with or impede any governmental investigation. 10. This Agreed Consent Order is subject to mandatory disclosure. The Board will disclose the terms of this Agreed Consent Order. This Agreed Consent Order and Andersen's name will be published. at a minimum. in the Board's official publication pursuant to Board Rule 519.12. 11. The Board reserves any rights and remedies at law it may have for enforcement of this Agreed Consent Order should Andersen fail to comply with the terms of this Agreed Consent Order. ACCEPTED AND AGREED: By: \i~.b~.- ~ AR~~Ar RichardM. Forrest,Attorney-in-fact TEXAS STATE BOARD OF PUBLIC ACCOUNTANCY ~. ~c 7 ~.:::;:~~:::-..c- ~ A.a . ~~~ e ,I William Treacy, ExecutiveDirector -6-...
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