Such workpapersand documents hall be accessibleo the

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Unformatted text preview: ise ceasedocumentretention. Such workpapersand documents hall be accessibleo the Board andthe TexasAttorney Generalduring nonnal s t businesshours on reasonablenotice during Andersen's direct custodial possession.Andersen waives, for itself only, claims of confidentiality with respect to such workpapersand documents olelyfor usein Boardinvestigations ndproceedings.This provision shallnot s a constitute a waiver of the attorney-client privilege, the attorney work product doctrine, or any other applicable privilege. The Board will maintain the confidentiality of the workpapers and documents nd not disclosethem to third partiesother than respondentsn relevantBoard a i proceedingsor as properly presentedin other public proceedings. For purposesof this Agreed ConsentOrder,"documents"as usedhereinincludesall writings, recordings,and electronically stored material in its possession,custody or control concerningEmon Corporation,including but not limited to, documents, orrespondence, -mails,or other c e communications r evidencerelatedto audit examinations, uarterlyreviews,tax-related o q services,or consultingengagementsn behalf of Enron Corporation,or any Enron-related o entities. Emon-relatedentities shall include SpecialPurposeEntities and any affiliates, subsidiaries, partnerships,orjoint venturesin which, to Arthur Andersen's knowledge, Emon Corporationor anyEnron-related ntity participated, e A 4. Consistentwith Andersen'sprofessionalobligations to its clients while it was licensed, Andersen shall conserve and make reasonableprovisions for the preservation and maintenance of records of its professional services,including but not limited to those records concerning attersasto which Andersen ayhavereceivedan investigationle...
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