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Rousseau Notes - Introduction to Jean Jacques Rousseau •...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Jean Jacques Rousseau • Rousseau’s Life o Born June 28, 1712 in Geneva (Switzerland) Geneva was an independent city-state at the time o Family Mother died at child birth Father deserted him when he was ten years old, causing Rousseau to be forced to live with his uncle o Early adulthood When he was a teenager, he would go outside the city (gated at the time) Got locked out of the city one time and decided not to return • Wandered around and ended up in Savoy where he met a woman he called Mama (her name was Francoise Louise de Warens) • Worked as a secretary and tutor in Savoy o Mama arranged that • Adopted Catholicism (Geneva was a very Protestant city) Returned to Geneva, began writing, saw advertisements for an essay contest Fame as a political theorist began when he won that essay contest with “Discourse on the Sciences and the Arts” (Paris, 1750) o Once famous (1754) Returned to Geneva, rejected Catholicism and was recognized/accepted with much fanfare Did not stay in Geneva, returned to Paris until • Exiled from Paris in 1762 due to the fact that he wrote things that didn’t go over well (one being his book on education and another being The Social Contract) • Parliament of Paris banned The Social Contract and ordered his arrest o The book was opposed to both monarchy and Catholicism Fled France Lived in Prussia, Switzerland, and England (with David Hume) • Hume respected him but did not get alone with Rousseau Morbidly Paranoid o Returned to France in-cognito in 1767, orders for arrest still existed...
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Rousseau Notes - Introduction to Jean Jacques Rousseau •...

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