1 what is the definition of a mutation 2 points the

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Unformatted text preview: f alleles)(p) (frequency of each) or π = Σ Σ xi xj πij π = 4Neµ t = 4Ne K=µ t = (2/s)ln(2Ne) Nm = ((1/FST) –1)/4 FST = 1/4Nm + 1 Ne < 1/s Probability of fixation = 1/(2N) Write a brief answer to each question, use complete sentences unless asked to list your answers and write legibly. 1. What is the definition of a mutation (2 points)? The process of alteration of a gene or chromosome and to its product—a phenotypic effect. Broader definitions accepted based on TA’s discretion. 2. Evolution occurs through which deterministic and stochastic processes (list them) (4 points)? Natural Selection Genetic Drift or Random Genetic Drift 2 ECOL 335 Evolutionary Biology NAME_____KEY________________ Sect#_____ Exam 1 Spring 2012 Feb 9 2012 3. List the two major ways that point mutations arise and give an example of each type (4 points): 1. During DNA repl...
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