1 in a diploid population of galapagos hawks with an

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Unformatted text preview: D = 0.0484 – 0.0784 D =  ­0.03 12d. Are the loci in linkage equilibrium or linkage disequilibrium? (2 points) The loci are in linkage disequilibrium. 13. Explain, in one sentence, why all genes are in linkage disequilibrium on the human Y ­chromosome (2 points). 14. Explain, in one sentence, why the tuatara has the fastest rate of neutral molecular evolution known for a vertebrate (2 points). There is no crossing ­over during meiosis on the Y chromosome. Males breed at a very late age, there are a lot of mutations that accumulate before each male breeds—male ­biased mutation 15. What is the average time to fixation of a new neutral mutation in a diploid population of plants with Ne=12,000 (2 points)? 5 ECOL 335 Evolutionary Biology NAME_____KEY________________ Sect#_____ Exam 1 Spring 2012 Feb 9 2012 t = 4NE generations, so time to fixation is 48,000 years 15b. Given the val...
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