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Unformatted text preview: . What is the time (in years) to fixation or loss for a neutral mutation in a haploid population with a census size of 10,000 and an effective size of 2,000 given a generation time of 6 months (2 points)? t = 4Ne but for haploid, t = 2Ne = 4,000 generations = 2,000 years. Substitutions/generation = No. base pair substitutions between two species/2t Rearrange: t = No. base pair substitutions between two species/number of substitutions/generation/2 Number of substitutions between two species = 2,500,000 differences Number of substitutions that accumulate per genome per generation (250,000,000 * 0.00001) = 2500 subs/gen t = 2,500,000/2500 subs gen t = 1000 years/2 t = 500 years 22...
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