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Unformatted text preview: ue of Ne you calculated in 15a above, what is the nucleotide diversity of the population if the neutral mutation rate is 2 x 10 ­9 changes per site per generation (2 points)? Using π = 4Neµ , we get: π = 4*48,000*0.000000002 = 0.000348 16. What is the average time to fixation, in years, of a new deleterious mutation (with an s value of  ­0.1) in a diploid population of Galapagos hawks with an effective population size of 3,000? The hawks have a 6 ­year generation time. Please include time units in your answer (4 points)? t = (2/s)ln(2Ne) t = (2/0.1)ln(2*3,000) = (20)*8.7 = 174 generations*6 years/generation = 1044 years. 17. In a diploid population of dragonflies, the proportion of nucleotide differences between 2 alleles that are each 450bp long is 2%. What is the number of nucleotide differences between the two alleles (2 points)? First, let p = nd/L Solve for nd = p*L = 0.02*450 nd = 9 18. First, below give a genetical definition of evolution (2 points). Can there be evolution without natural se...
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