E random fixation or loss of alleles 8 assuming

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Unformatted text preview: ced using replica plating, as in the Lederberg experiment. c. can be traced to mutations conferring resistance that were present before the antibiotic exposure occurred. d. arose after exposure to UV light during the experiment. 7. Changes in allele frequencies across generations due to genetic drift results in, (5 points) a. natural selection. b. populations that are not in H ­W equilibrium relative to the previous generation. c. recombination. 3 ECOL 335 Evolutionary Biology NAME_____KEY________________ Sect#_____ Exam 1 Spring 2012 Feb 9 2012 d. exponential population growth. e. random fixation or loss of alleles. 8. Assuming a single neutral locus, with two alleles (4 points) a. two populations with the same initial frequencies of each allele will diverge by drift alone. b. through drift, genetic variation in each population will decrease over time. c. at any point in time, one allele’s frequency is its probability of being fixed. d. each...
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