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25 050 x 025 0125 c are b and c loci in linkage

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Unformatted text preview: x 0.25) - (0.50 x 0.25)= -0.125 c. Are B and C loci in linkage equilibrium with each other (show your work)? No: There are no bC combinations. Using the equation for LD: LD = Freq (BC) x Freq (bc) – Freq (bC) x Freq (Bc) = (0.25 x 0.5) - (0 x 0.25) = 0.125 d. Can you determine if these three loci are physically linked given the data? Nothing definitive, although two are in LD, they may or may not be on the same chromosome, however. e. Can you give another explanation, other than genetic linkage for the observed pattern (why some genotypes are not found at all)? Perhaps some combinations are lethal so no progeny develop with these genotypes. They die before you see them. 2 2. You find after conducting a genome sequencing study on a population of 1000 humans that two alleles at two different loci have a D (or LD) value of 1. However, some detective work shows that the alleles at each locus involved are not on the same chromosome. a. Are alleles at these two loci physically linked? Why or why not? No, they are not physically linked because physical linkage requires them to be on the same chromosome. b. Are the alleles in linkage equilibrium or disequilibrium and what is a possible evolutionary mechanism that could explain this pat...
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