How would you esmate the divergence me given a 0001

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Unformatted text preview: human 0.012 changes/site/12 million years 6 Mya 1.2% 0.001 subs11ons/site/million year chimp NEUTRAL THEORY Divergence time •  This equation might allow you to calculate divergence times between lineages more quickly : •  t = D/2u •  t = time since divergence from a common ancestor •  D = number of base pair differences between two sequences. •  u = neutral mutation rate 5 Human ­chimp sequence divergence on different chromosomes (sequence is largely non ­coding) 2. How would you es?mate the divergence ?me given a 0.001 subs?tu?ons/site/ million years and average 1.2% divergence between chimps and humans? divergence 1me=? human ? Mya 1.2% chimp t= Long ­term Ne in human is es1mated to be ~10,000 to 20,000. As of today, the human popula1on is es1mated by the US Census Bureau to be 7, 064,088,716 humans Use: t = D/2u t= Measures of varia?on c...
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