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Unformatted text preview: controls, all Jewish! • IL23R association confirmed using TDT with 883 families involving one affected individual and both parents.! • Arg381Gln likely causative mutation; rare allele is associated with protection to IBD" " " Association is only seen at IL23R, not at neighboring genes. This shows the utility of LD mapping! 7 Next BIG topic: Gene:c DriX or  ­ ­ The role of chance OR stochas+city in evolu+on Reading: Ch 10 (pp 255 ­276) The sampling effect… So far, we’ve considered how alleles arrange themselves into genotypes in the absence of evolu+onary change. What is Evolu+on? **A gene:cal defini:on of evolu:on**: Evolu+on = change in gene frequencies (allele or genotypic frequencies) between genera+ons Usually within a popula+on 8 How does evolu+on (change in gene frequency) occur? 1) Determinis+c change due to: Gene:c...
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