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21 4913 community convergence losos anolis lizards

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Unformatted text preview: bution of a species Primitive maize landraces show distinct patterning of allelic distribution across SA which reflect routes of entry from Mesoamerica. Allelic pattern also reflected in archaeological samples of maize collected from Andean regions and lowland Brazil (Freitas et al 2003). Human Phylogeography •  Origin of modern human [email protected] – –  [email protected] ­regional hypothesis –  Replacement hypothesis •  Vigilant et al (1991) used mtDNA and parsimony, @me [email protected]  ­ 166,000 – 249,000 years; Greatest [email protected] diversity in Africa = Support out ­of ­Africa •  [email protected] – Only 1 tree, other equally parsimonious trees not support 19 4/9/13 Mitochondrial Eve •  Other studies –  Ruvolo et al (1993), Eve = 129,0...
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