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2nd wave migrated to rest of world wave of dispersal

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Unformatted text preview: in A MARSUPIAL EXAMPLE CONGRUENT BIOGEOGRAPHIES (Comparative Phylogeography) 16 4/9/13 Example of analysis: (6.10) Hawaiian Islands and phylogeny of crickets – Younger groups on younger islands Madagascar, Chameleons, Carnivores Dispersal from Madagascar – not vicariance Mongoose-like carnivores - Dispersal to Madagascar – not vicariance 17 4/9/13 Gondwanan Distributions – Cichlid fishes and Lungfishes Regional Biotas •  Allochthonous – taxa originated elsewhere •  Autochthonous – taxa evolved within region •  South America (examples) –  Autochthonous = rheas and lungfish (Gondwanan) –  Allochthonous – diversified from [email protected] progenitors (NW monkeys, guinea pigs, etc) –  Allochthonous – dispersed Pleistocene (Mountain lion) –  Allochthonous – dispersed recent (Cacle egret) 18 4/9/13 Phylogeography – processes that govern the geographic [email protected] of lineages of genes Inference of population history from the geneology that connects genes sampled from different geographic locations. Map gene trees among populations onto geographic distri...
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