8 mya paleocene insecvores and rodents common some

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Unformatted text preview: Plants and jawed fish in Silurian Period (439 ­416 MYA) – evolved from green algae •  Devonian 416 ­354 Mya – Sarcopterygii and [email protected] •  MASS EXTINCTION at end of Ordovician – 2nd greatest? Drop temp/sea level Paleozoic Life – Carboniferous and Permian •  1st [email protected]; Carboniferous Period (354 ­290 MYA) •  Diversifi[email protected] of [email protected] = Permian Period (290 ­251 MYA) •  GREATEST MASS EXTINCTION EVER (Permian/Triassic boundary Pelycosauria –  Ocean’s lowest level –  52% Families and 96% species of skeleton bearing marine invertebrates 10 4/9/13 Mesozoic Life – Triassic ~ 251 mya •  Breakup of Pangea ([email protected]) –  Laurasia and Gondwanaland •  Warm Climate Laurasia breakup Gondwana breakup Important Mesozoic Era Events •  First dinosaurs & mammals = Triassic Period (251 ­206 mya) •  Mass [email protected]@on end of Triassic •  1st...
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